Astarte + Art Maisons Santorini


Summers in Santorini will never go out of style for some very simple, yet fundamental reasons: striking natural beauty, a cosmopolitan aura and an ancient past. These allow for a myriad of possibilities in terms of activities and experiences, enhancing visitors’ stay who will return time and time again. This makes Santorini a summer classic:

  • The unique Caldera, the dramatic cliffs, the colourful beaches, the imposing volcano and the mysterious crescent shape all create an unprecedented, alluring setting.
  • The vibrant night - and day - life, offers guests with round the clock entertainment and fun, while somewhere the music never ends.
  • The ancient past reveals itself in various places around the island, cultivating a sense of awe for the visitor especially in contrast with its modern day character. 

Returning visitors can have a different experience each and every time they visit Santorini. You only need to consider options off the beaten track and discover new places that offer exclusive experiences to their distinguished guests. Let’s take a look at two accommodation experiences that effortlessly offer the staying guest a hint into the more exclusive side of Santorini.

Seductive seclusion in a private paradise

Most visitors will tend to stay in the notorious Oia area, that is famous for the most beautiful sunset. This is Oia’s selling point, ushering in many tourists who inundate the narrow, cobblestone streets for a glimpse of the setting sun, sometimes making it impossible to even pass by. Santorini first timers may choose Oia so they can experience it, while some returning visitors, knowing this, will still want to stay in Oia irregardless, and will then complain about the crowds. If privacy is what you crave most of all, then look no further than Astarte Suites’ seductive seclusion in Santorini. The all suite, boutique hotel is your private Santorinian paradise, situated in the southern most tip of the island, at Akrotiri, which is also known for its ancient findings. Your day starts by waking up in a king size bed, with a private breakfast served in suite or on your private panoramic terrace with its infinity pool. Ideal for honeymooners or for couples who will enjoy all the facilities available for two (heated jacuzzi), the individually designed rooms offer a certain level of opulence, thus adding a note of luxury to your stay. Private dining is an obvious choice too, while the spacious outdoor lounge with sizeable day beds will be your private safe haven for many precious, personal moments. 


Artistic attraction exudes from every corner

Santorini’s Cycladic architecture dictates mostly white washed structures with the occasional blue dome piercing the blandness of white, adding a playful detail. The plainness of the colour palette exudes a timeless beauty, yet it can become somewhat mundane when it seems that most hotels don’t go beyond the traditional whitewashed mentality. This is why it is very refreshing to find Art Maisons, two boutique hotels located in prime locations within the famous area of Oia, that surround the guests with graceful, artistic interiors. Aspaki Exclusive Suites is located in an exclusive location within Oia, nestled just on the cape, while Oia Castle Luxury Suites is located in a historic structure, the original fortress castle of Oia built by the Venetians, and later even inhabited by descendants of the byzantine Emperor. It was considered to be the most magnificent residence on the island and now, it has been refurbished to offer a truly exclusive and compelling stay. Artistic detailing is key here, exuding romanticism throughout: from furniture to upholstery to items of decor and fittings, the propensity to art is overtly evident. Here, guests can relax while admiring the interiors that surround them, in a way that calms their soul, and takes you back in time. For the ultimate exclusive experience, guests will also find their own, personal aquatic retreat within the cave pools of Aspaki and the cave pools suites of Oia Castle, where serenity is synonymous with elegance. 


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