Andronis Athens


A new hotel has been born in the historic centre of Athens, showcasing a successful blend of modern meets traditional, with a new age feel and a classy yet playful atmosphere. Andronis Athens is the most recent addition to the Andronis Exclusive group, carrying on the high aesthetics in design and excellent service levels of the Andronis luxury establishments in Santorini. Tradition and modernity are blended harmoniously in a simple and elegant context, teamed up with commodious spaces and luxurious comforts.

Following suit with the sensational luxurious island style of Andronis Exclusive in Santorini, this hotel conveys a sense of modern elegance paired up with a traditional aura, enhanced by its central location. The total of 4 suites are suited to accommodate 3 or 4 persons, and are in a contemporary open plan / loft layout with spacious, neat interiors. The decor integrates earthy background hues of terracotta and gunmetal, accentuated by the furnishings that have vibrant colours and touches of pop art. High grade materials are used throughout enhancing the luxury factor, with rustic finishes on classic wooden furniture that has been revamped to pop classic standard. The suites feature both an operational, stand alone bathtub in the open plan space, and a special built-in cave-like shower, as well as a sophisticated rack closet. The Acropolis Elegant Suite also boasts a  spacious, verdant, private balcony and offers direct Acropolis views which is an exclusive and highly sought-after feature. The ambience is relaxed, sophisticated and refreshing. Essentially, Andronis Athens brings some ... island air to the centre of Athens through luxurious accommodation with pampering amenities, making it the most cosmopolitan choice for staying in the centre of Athens city. 

Andronis Athens

Address: Karaiskaki 33, Athens 105 54, Greece

Tel: +30 21 0323 2244

Style: Luxury Boutique Hotel  

Rooms: 4 individually-designed 


Airport: Athens, E.Venizelos

Breakfast: Yes